How to Overcome Writing Barriers in Your Work

Do you ever get stuck while writing? Do you lack words to start to writing a paper? If you find yourself in such a scenario, then this article will help you overcome such occurrences. We are going to discuss the way to go around hindrances and write continuously.

The writing barrier explained

In the artistic world, painters are faced with an empty canvas scenario. It is a case where they have a canvas but nothing to draw. The same thing occurs to writers. But of course, with writers, it is a blank page. They have all the resources by no content to write.

Here are some tips to overcome such barrier:

Force it till it works!

Having a lot in your mind might be the reason why you are not focusing and hence not producing any content. It might be information or a distraction that is keeping you from releasing your thought into your paper. To overcome this type of barrier, you can try The Pomodoro Technique. The Pomodoro Technique involves building discipline and time management. It requires the participant to concentrate on a task for twenty-five minutes then break for five minutes. Repeat the action four times and then take an extended break of fifteen to thirty minutes.

If you find that you have nothing to write in the first twenty-five minutes, try writing unnecessary things. Like a continuous line of the same letter, your brain will at a point get tired of doing one thing, forcing it to think of another idea.

Take a break from all of it!

I mean getting up and finding something else to do for a while. You can maybe stretch out a bit, bunk in the sun, or listen to one song. When your body is refreshed, you will find that new ideas will be coming within no time. With this trick, you let your mind relax and stop thinking about how it got stuck. Thinking of new things makes you come up with a new perspective on your paper. Leading you taking a fresh approach and not being stuck anymore.

Feel free to skip to the middle

Creating a guideline can be tedious but not as tiring as following it. While following the outline is what many people advise on, it sometimes leaves a person stuck. If you get stuck while following your outline, jump to the points that you feel comfortable writing. You can then return to the complicated part later. What this trick does is that it gives the mind more time to think about the point. Hence when you get to that part, you already have a rough idea of what to write.

Try and use this trick on a rough draft. This is to make sure you can later logically rearrange the paper. When you write the other paragraphs perfectly, it motivates your mind to develop ideas for the paragraph that was troubling you.


Getting stuck is something that any creative mind encounters every once in a while. However, this shouldn’t be a hindrance to achieving your goal. Instead, follow the guidelines discussed in this article to overcome them and achieve your goals. Since not all the plans can work for a particular individual, pick the one that best suits your case scenario, use it as a stepping stone to achieving a concentrated and focused mind. But always remember hard work is never an option when it comes to overcoming.

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