Things to Know Before Becoming a Freelance Writer

Currently, more graduates get to the job market, whereas opportunities keep on decreasing. It is rewarding to be a graduate journalist with a passion. In this article, we explore expert advice on creating your portfolio so that you get writing opportunities. According to studies, job opportunities in arts and media are rare. Therefore, such graduates need to be creative to earn a living and get meaningful familiarity in the field of study.

Freelancing is like living in nightclothes, rejoicing, and without commitment to eight to five work routines on a daily basis. However, for those with writing skills, freelancing can be valuable. Everybody has a different way of securing freelance writing jobs, but there is no universal way of doing it so long as it ends earning you money.

The majority of the people visit job websites to bid for gigs when starting. It is essential to ensure that the employers verify payment issues after you finish and submit the work. For newspaper and magazine work, make sure you have short, sweet, and exciting pitches. They should also be professional and polite. If you have relevant and exciting pitches, you are sure of a positive response. Freelancing needs persistence, and when you learn the rules of the trade, things become easier, and work will start to flow your way. You must build and maintain worthy relationships and contacts in freelancing work. 


There are many benefits to freelance writing for graduates. First is the satisfaction you derive from working for yourself that comes with the duty of defining your workload. Earning some income doing what you like is not only gratifying but also satisfying. Many graduates work for long hours, thanks to libraries that are open throughout and energy drinks. Freelancing jobs are good if you work overnight and during the weekend. Depending on the amount of work you get, that varies for starters, and there is a chance of working part-time and earning income.


Despite the benefits of freelancing, there are a couple of disadvantages. First, freelancing is not a steady source of work to earn income. The majority of fresh graduates write without pay since the majority are jobless and willing to work, and firms choose not to pay them.

Working freely is a boundless opportunity; however, it is good to differentiate between an opportunity to get experience and a firms’ opportunity to work without pay. As a rule of thumb, a worthy publication reputation should pay writers like publishers, printers, and designers. Freelancing work is not for the faint-hearted. If you do not put effort into writing pitches, sending off emails, and then work will not come your way.

Again, the freelancing does not provide a steady stream of work when you start; if it becomes bothersome not having a regular income, you try other jobs that can provide some form of security. Graduates must not fear to diversify into the world of freelancing as it comes with many options and flexibilities. Though it may take some time to break into, the field is not closed. Always write without ceasing, pitch your thoughts concisely, and clearly to relevant publications without giving up even if they are not accepted.

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