Freelance Writing Specialties for Writers

Most individuals who write articles, have blogging sites or register as their leisure don’t see themselves as writers. Though, the opportunities for working from home as they receive their payment are many. To get a pay a writer, you need to understand some issues. Some other problems include your audience, flexibility, and ability to produce well-thought content and make a timely submission. Anybody who finds writing enjoyable should venture into writing for a pay.

Below is a list of the best working-from-home opportunities for writers. Reading this article will open up your minds and help you decide on the best work from home job opportunities that can suit you.

Blog Writer

Individuals who craft blogs or anybody who finds writing enjoyable can make money out of their hobby. Some sites pay writers to produce a deeply-researched blog post. Other sites allow the addition of a bylines and a links to their site; hence, it becomes a more significant opportunity to building your profile and portfolio. The payment rates may range between $100 to $2 for every post, though other bloggers pay writers according to the number of words they write. Therefore, you can select the best rate that you desire.

Ghost Writer

These are writers who capture the client’s voice and develop posts, articles, or books to maintain anonymity. They have to build the right working conditions with customers to uphold a high confidentiality level. They can be part-time or full-time writers and earn enough amount of money in relations to their specialization areas.

Grant Writer

These are writers who provide their writing services to non-profit institutions and schools. There writing services helps such institution to get funding for running their projects activities. They possess technical skills in grant proposal writing and must have an in-depth understanding of the organizational projects. They can work and receive payment after successful application and winning of the grants. They are essential to their institutions; thus, the majority accept reasonable prices.


Copywriter uses convincing writing skills in carrying out advertising and promotional activities. The copywriter individuals support the businesses in setting up their websites, social media pages, and creating the press release. Knowledge in advertisement writing and communication can be essential in this field.


These are writers who can work for the online publications industry. Their job is to track current scenes of daily life. They usually collaborate with photographers and producers in capturing a location in the best way. They need to have the update of the most recent happenings.

Letter Writer

These are writers who produce letters to lawmakers and legislators for the company where they work. These liters are typically for policy formulation or enforcement.

Resume Writer

Resume writers support job seekers to land their dream jobs. A resume writer works for the job seeker and allows him/her to communicate with the potential employer about their skills and abilities. Resume writers need to know about resume writing or technical skills in the areas of their client’s specialization.


There are several opportunities in the writing field. If you understand and interest in a particular niche, you can produce good-paying work and make a living out of it. Any individual who loves to express themselves through the written word can have an excellent opportunity to turn their interests into a job and have a working-from-home career. You don’t need to master all forms of writing. Go through the above list and select your best.

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