Three Best Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

You may have asked yourself this question many times, “where can I find writing jobs?” Well, you are most likely to get something you search for. There are plenty of academic writing jobs online for freelancers to exploit. You can find lucrative paying jobs from these sites:


If you want to expose your name to the outside world as a professional, then LinkedIn is your tool. Although it can sometimes be a pest, it is a useful self-marketing tool that’s easy to use. You can learn to use this platform effectively and get the best out of it to secure consistent and paying jobs.

How to harness LinkedIn and secure freelance jobs

Create a profile that has in-depth details about your experiences – including links to your work samples (if you have any) that direct prospective clients directly to them – and put to display your prowess in writing mastery. Paint a clear picture of what you do and who are when describing yourself. Secondly, connect to as many people as possible, including potential clients, project partners, and companies that you would love to work for/with in the future. Doing so ensures you build and establish a professional online network. After that, you can find jobs through freelance groups and LinkedIn’s search function. After securing a gig, you can post your work to prospective clients to look at the quality of your work. You also create awareness by doing so.


Twitter is an excellent platform for sharing your work with a broader audience. There are a lot of people on twitter who reward and appreciate a job well done. These include editors or clients who are looking for freelance writers. You will need to accumulate twitter following with time to share your content widely and expose yourself to job opportunities. Establishing a more robust Twitter presence to find clients means using these two methods:

Regularly create relevant, thoughtful, and vulnerable tweets concerning matters you wish to write on. If your area of interest is technology, tweet about it. A tweet is about different topics that you love on a platform where people can read your content and share it with others. When you write about things you like, you will attract an audience who want to interact with your content. You indirectly impress any potential client due to the attention you command from your followers.

Engage with different editors and make sure you follow them and other people you may find interesting. These people can give you ideas or lessons on what you can write about. Such connections will make you stand out if and when an opportunity arises.

Job Interviews. 

That’s right! There is a very significant opportunity for finding freelance jobs that pay generously from these interviews. If you have no employees and have a few samples of your writing or any gig you have done in the past, don’t be afraid to walk into any organization whenever they have an interview and participate in it. You may not secure a full-time job in the company, but you will have made them aware of your presence in the market. Most companies prefer having a third-party entity help them in duties like content creation, advertisements, and brand selling. Opportunities present themselves in various forms. It may surprise you that a lucrative may be outside the box. The key is consistency, timely sharing your work on all platforms available to you, and ensure you deliver this content to the people who influence making things happen in your favor. You will need connections; you cannot do it by yourself.


Freelancing is a lucrative business venture if you exploit it well. Gather enough knowledge before fully embarking on this journey. It may not take a day, but the more time you spend writing, the more experience you will get, and the more opportunities will come your way.

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